Red Hat Certified System Administrator — RHCSA (EX200)

Hi Guys,

I’m still settling in to my new apartment. I have not be able to get internet yet, but I haven’t forgotten about this place. I have been busy unpacking, and planning a 6 week trip to my hometown to visit family which will begin this weekend.

In November I took a quick boot camp class on the RHCSA Exam for my company, because of the move I took the test 6 weeks later on Dec 27th. Long story short, I did not receive my results until today because my exam was misplaced (That is what I get for taking a test two days after Christmas). I am pleased to announce that I scored a perfect 300, and am now a Red Hat Certified System Administrator. I’m going to follow up with a post detailing my thoughts on the exam, an important study areas.

Stay Tuned!


  • I have sat the RHCSA exam twice and got a score of 183 and 187, don’t know what I am getting wrong.
    Can you advise

    surb 2013-12-18

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