Piracy in the workplace.

From the title you know this is going to be a sensitive issue. I’ll try go easy on it.

Recently i was put into a situation where the company I work for hired a new person. This said person needed special software in order to do to his/her job. The owner of the company politely sent the IT department to get “creative” in getting the software. Well being that i and my fellow IT co-workers both have some moral/ethic sense we sent him back a price for this said software. We had no intention’s of getting this software in any other means then the right way. Eventually we were able to talk the owner of the company out of the creative part, by outlining the consequences of the law, and former cases by the BSA. It seemed then that the couple of thousand for the license sounded better then the hundred thousand if ever caught by an audit. Looking out for the company’s interest is as much the owners responability as it is ours.

What are your thoughts on piracy in the work place? As an IT person I understand the urge to test new software, and sometimes to test that software you might have to download it from a shady site, especially if it is something with a short trial. I know myself that 15 or 30 days is not always long enough to test the software out when you got a live environment to worry about along with other projects on your shoulder. Me personally any software i have tested and liked, I have bought, or recommended a company to buy. Anything i did not like i removed from my computer, and forgot about it. Copyright laws, even though i may not like them are laws like any other, and too break them, puts you and your company as a liable defendant if something goes wrong or gets out. All it takes is one disgruntled employee to turn something like the above into a nightmare for a company and an IT department.


  • Piracy is a MAJOR thing these days. And I don’t think I know one person that is as heavy into PC’s as I am that hasn’t had something that wasn’t 100% legal. When this thing starts getting to big corporations, it’s almost horrible. I know the economy has gotten pretty lame in the last few months, but there is no CALL for that.

    I want to commend you for such a good decision and standing up to “The Man” about such a strong topic. You most likely had to risk your job and your pay to say, “No.” about it. +100 for you my good friend!


    spatton 2009-06-29

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