I struggle with being bi-polar, and recently another family member of mine started having their own similar issues. This got us on a conversation of finding a right doctor, one you connect with. Not all doctors are meant to be doctors or have the people skills need to excel in that profession. This is technically true for all professions. In my profession (Tech) I deal with many people whom makes me scratch my head and wonder how they are still employed.

What most mental health profession fail to realize is treating people, especially for mental issues is a marathon and not a race. I’ve had many over the years just throw pills my way and tell me “let’s follow up in 3 months to see how you are doing”. After that three months, I’d tell them the truth, that X is not working for me and I usually get the same response. “Let’s keep you on it and raise the dosage and I’ll see you in 3 more months.”

People are a masterpiece. Like a painting and you get near the end of the painting, you don’t like something because it feels off. So you make a small change here… A small change there. Until your dreams and visions are realized. The same way an artist tweaks a painting or a mechanic tweaks a carburetor is the same way we should be living our lives. One small change at a time in our lives, making small adjustments over time as we go, so we can realize our dreams and our full potential.

All humans are an unfinished masterpiece.

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