Survivor’s guilt, Sick and Diet Adjustment

February 19, 2017

So a lot has happened in my life since my last post, it has taken me a while to digest everything and for life to return to somewhat normal for me… Two weeks ago the company that I work for and still love made a tough decision to lay off 6% of the U.S. work […]

Hydrostatic Test Results

February 3, 2017

Ok I’m back from getting the Hydrostatic test done and working out. Below are the numbers Date Height Weight RMR Lean Lb Fat Lb Water Lb. Body Fat % Fat% Change Weight Change Lean Lb. Change Fat Lb. Change Fat % Change BMI 2/3/2017 69 327 2414 41.9 135.2 149.9 41.4 0.2 -14 -3.9 -5.4 […]