Hydrostatic Test Results

February 3, 2017

Ok I’m back from getting the Hydrostatic test done and working out. Below are the numbers Date Height Weight RMR Lean Lb Fat Lb Water Lb. Body Fat % Fat% Change Weight Change Lean Lb. Change Fat Lb. Change Fat % Change BMI 2/3/2017 69 327 2414 41.9 135.2 149.9 41.4 0.2 -14 -3.9 -5.4 […]

Advance in weight loss!

In my last post, I went over my investigation and theories of why my wight loss has stalled and what I was going to do to resolve the issue. Lets recap the issues I came up with. Apparently I forgot how to science and was weighing my meat after it was cooked, not accounting that […]