Not Much of a Blogger….

Well I finally admitted to myself that I am not much of a blogger… I was never good at English in high school, and honestly hate writing anything other then something like technical documentation. Alas with this being the social media age, I decided I needed to embrace the blogging world full force instead of half heartily.

This is just one of my sites, my plan for this site is to be my main hub for my portfolio, for technical information that I discover during my career, and for any projects I plan on starting. On the main page I have three categories that will contain blog posts. The Blog category will focus on general information, rant’s and raves, and discussions of any projects I may do. The Linux and Windows categories will focus on OS specific posts and tutorials.

I have been a Windows System Administrator for about 8 years, and I currently work for RackSpace Hosting! I recently started studying for my RHCSA, I took a boot camp class last week, to refresh my mind on some of the more basic things for the exam. I have been an avid Linux user since the original RedHat 6, and have bounced between different Linux and BSD distributions since then, with my most favorite being FreeBSD.

I look forward to posting more content in the future.

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