Investigating a stall in weight loss

So the last two weeks I have stalled in my loss. I’ve been investigating why this might be and I came up with a few ideas, and modifying my diet to fit.


I have been using a heart rate strap to calculate my calorie burn during my weight lifting. I recently read that these are highly in accurate for weight lifting and because of that I have been over estimating my calories out. My work out consists of the StrongLift’s program 3 time a week, with 10 minutes of warm up before on a stationary bike, and 15 minutes on the elliptical afterwards. This combination, according my hear strap monitor is burning 800 calories or more on most days, when realistically it’s probably half that since I’m not lifting heavy yet

I have been weighing my meat after it is cooked, which I learned is a no-no. It is possible, but I have not been using the formula that most people recommend for weighing meat after it is cooked. So my calorie intake from my meat is almost double what I thought, since when you cook meat it loses most of it’s water and becomes smaller, which in turn means you need to cut a bigger piece to equal the 4oz’s. The chicken thighs I eat, were weighing around 4oz’s after I cooked it. Today I weighed them before I cooked and was surprised to learn they were all weighing 9-10oz (these are bone-in, with skin, switching to skinless next week). So instead of 230 calories for the 4 oz portion I was eating, I was eating 590 calories, if I ate three that day it’s a startling 1500 calories.

My sodium intake is way to high, so I am most likely retaining water. I’m from Louisiana and put hot sauce and Cajun seasoning on everything on my plate, this is after the initial seasoning before cooking.

Finally, I didn’t take into account the weight I already lost, and should have adjusted my calories in down a little after the initial wight loss

My current diet was 2500 calories on non work out days and 3000 on lifting days. Given the above information, I was probably eating more like 3000+/3500+. With that said, I have noticed changes since I am working out. I have lost some inches around the waist, and my watch was able to go a hole tighter. Both are good signs, which means I am probably building muscle and toning up a little bit. But since I have a ton a weight to lose, I decided to modify my diet to see I can actually lose more weight. After weighing my meat and everything else correctly I am going to stick to 2400 calories in every day for the next two weeks and see how it goes. I may have to add some calories back during work out days to fight fatigue, I also might have to lift the same weight for a bit before I increase the amount. I am going to stop using the heartstrap monitor and just keep up with my routine, because I am noticing changes in my body. I am also cutting out the after cooking seasoning. I have another hydrostatic test this Friday, and It’ll be interesting to see the changes in the numbers. By my estimate I dropped at least 1% body fat (hopefully 2%) since January 5th.

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