Hydrostatic Test Results

Ok I’m back from getting the Hydrostatic test done and working out. Below are the numbers

Date Height Weight RMR Lean Lb Fat Lb Water Lb. Body Fat % Fat% Change Weight Change Lean Lb. Change Fat Lb. Change Fat % Change BMI
2/3/2017 69 327 2414 41.9 135.2 149.9 41.4 0.2 -14 -3.9 -5.4 0.49 48.3
1/5/2017 69 341 2500 45.8 140.6 154.6 41.2 50.4

Now before we go into a deep drive on the above numbers, we need to keep two things in mind.

  1. My diet was skewed for two 2 weeks during this period and I was overloading calories with meat, skinned and bone-in chicken mainly. Which most likely made me gain the BF%
  2. The hydrostatic test was done mid-day at 2:10PM, I ate at 11:30, and drink water and coffee up until the test. Which is why my weight is 327 as your body can fluctuate ~10 lbs in a day depending on what you eat and water consumption

At first glance one would get depressed by looking at these number’s but I’m not. Lets look at this objectively. First lets look at the definition of Lean Body Mass. Lean body mass is a component of body composition, calculated by subtracting body fat weight from total body weight: total body weight is lean plus fat.


According to most BMI charts my healthy weight for my height is between 128 and 169 while A healthy Body Fat % is between 18-25%. My current goal for weight loss is between 180 and 200lbs as I have a large frame. This may not be where I stop at, but it’s my goal, so lets go with 200 for now. 200lbs at a healthy BF of 18% equals BF of 36lbs (200 * 18%), and a LBM of 164lbs (200-36). My current LBM is 177.1 lbs. I which means I can afford to lose another 13.1lbs of LBM at the current rate. Going by my fat loss, I should also during this time lose another 21lbs of BF. That is for a total of 34 more lbs lost for a final weight of 293lbs before I have to switch my diet up to start preserving my LBM. If we take into account my accidental bulking binge and that during this time I gained a little wait instead of lost. Combined that fact with my morning weight, I could be down to 280lbs before I have to change my diet.

Is losing BF % important? YES, and I am not trying to down play that but I think right now with being over 320lbs that gaining mobility by losing weight in any way I can will benefit me more in the long run and at 280lbs I’ll be able to take part in more high intensity work outs like crossfit or martial arts and I would have officially lost 85lbs.


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[2] http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/body-fat-measurement#2

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