Advance in weight loss!

In my last post, I went over my investigation and theories of why my wight loss has stalled and what I was going to do to resolve the issue. Lets recap the issues I came up with.

  • Apparently I forgot how to science and was weighing my meat after it was cooked, not accounting that food when cooked loses water and fat, but not calories
  • Too much emphasis given to calories out, discovered heart rate monitor was inaccurate for weight lifting
  • I bathe my food after cooking in lots of Cajun Seasoning and Hot Sauce causing a large sodium increase
  • I did not adjust my calories in, taking into account the weight I lost.
  • The post before my investigation I mentioned my weight being 325. During the time where my weight loss stalled, I was essentially doing what bodybuilder call bulking and I gained to 327. Which is what prompted the investigation to begin with. After fixing the list of things above, I am happy to report that this morning I weighed in at 321.5. I will be doing a hydrostatic test later today around two and will report exact numbers between from my first on the 5th of January and today’s results.

    All in all, this has been a learning experience and analysis of everything helps keep me moving forward. I still have a long way to go, but I’m OWNing it. I’ve lost about 3-5 inches around my waist so far, my belt is the only thing hold my pants up, my watch can fit a hole smaller, and my mobility has increased. In my later post’s I’ll talk about the results of the hydrostatic test, my meal’s, and my workout I’m doing.


    • Keep it up!! I am so proud of you!!!

      Debbie Smith February 3, 2017

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