Investigating a stall in weight loss

January 29, 2017

So the last two weeks I have stalled in my loss. I’ve been investigating why this might be and I came up with a few ideas, and modifying my diet to fit. Realizations: I have been using a heart rate strap to calculate my calorie burn during my weight lifting. I recently read that these […]

The financial diet

January 22, 2017

My last post dived into my battle with depression and changes I’ve made from it, including my diet. While my healthy diet to lose weight was always my plan, my diet actually started as a financial diet. I’ve been wanting to buy a house and a new car for the last few years, but never […]

Beginnings of a changed life

January 21, 2017

So this will be my first post in forever. I have never liked talking about myself, which I believe goes hand in hand with depression. When you have a low view of yourself what is there really to talk about? What interesting things do I have to offer the world? This was my mind set […]