Moving Appartments

November 30, 2012

This entire week has been a drag, I decided at the beginning of November to move to a cheaper place. This week is my move week, which is why you can hear crickets on this site at the moment. I do not have Internet at the new place yet, but I will be back at […]

How to reset Windows 2003/2008 Service SDDL ACL

November 23, 2012

What is SDDL? SDDL stands for “Security Descriptor Definition Language”, the definition from Microsoft “The security descriptor definition language (SDDL) defines the string format that the ConvertSecurityDescriptorToStringSecurityDescriptor and ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptor functions use to describe a security descriptor as a text string. The language also defines string elements for describing information in the components of a security […]

Enable Two-Step Authentication on Ubuntu/Debian with Google’s libPAM

November 22, 2012

With security being on the top of everyone’s mind these days. We come to a point where we have to consider extra security for our servers. Over the weekend I decided to add Google Authenticator’s PAM module to my web servers as an added layer of security. What is Google Authenticator? The Google Authenticator project […]

Not Much of a Blogger….

Well I finally admitted to myself that I am not much of a blogger… I was never good at English in high school, and honestly hate writing anything other then something like technical documentation. Alas with this being the social media age, I decided I needed to embrace the blogging world full force instead of […]